Why I Skate- Chris Noel

posted Apr 26, 2011, 1:36 PM by Greene Wayes

By: Chris Noel 

Ever since I was sixteen, a lot of people have asked me, "Why you don't have car?" What I tell them is that cars cost a lot of money for a kid my age. I take the bus and skate. That's my form of transportation. I never have to worry about going to get gas, paying tickets, or repairs. What if it's raining? I put on a raincoat, maybe some old shoes, grab my rain board, which is an old skateboard I have lying around my house, and I get where I need to go. A bus pass cost's me about 48 dollars a month. That's what I use when I have to get somewhere. I don't
think skating everywhere is for everybody, because I do fall occasionally and it can be unsafe if someone doesn't know what they are doing. 

I love skateboarding It's something I've been doing since I was 7 years old, I'm 18 now and I don't see it ever not being of part of my life. Even if I can push down the street when i'm old I will probably still do it. There's something about skating home at night, or leaving my house early in the morning on my skateboard. It's very therapeutic for me. It's a creative outlet, definitely not a sport but an art form. Skateboarding brings kids together of all races and backgrounds and when they're skateboarding, aside from skill level, they are all equal, and they are all skateboarders. The lack of having a place for kids to skateboard is the reason for it sometimes being illegal; kids will go to great lengths to skate a good spot. I think that's where the reputation of skateboarders being a bunch of delinquents comes from. 

My friends and I have a homemade skateboard spot, we clean up the trash, paint over graffiti, and we don't let kids use it as a hangout that aren't there to skate. When kids hang out and aren't doing something like skateboarding, they do stupid stuff like break glass, light fires, just generally get into trouble. The town of Aptos builds things like baseball fields, play structures, and basketball courts. But they won't build a skate park. So we built one with our own money and our own time and effort. It's definitely not perfect and it's not a place for someone to learn how to skateboard. With skateboarding becoming as popular as it is. I think cities need to keep building skate parks in California. 

Without skateboarding my life would probably be a lot different. It's something that has shaped my lifestyle. The money I save from not having a car, I use it to spend a week once a month in San Francisco. I visit all my friends that live there, film skateboarding, and eat good food. It cost me about 26 dollars round trip for transportation. Parking at parking garage in San Francisco will cost you that much for a day. It's a city that really supports walking, biking, and even skateboarding. One of my goals is to become more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. San Francisco is a great place for me to live that lifestyle. The buses are even bio diesel. 

Skateboarding is an important piece of my life something me and my friends share a unique passion for.