2012 Art, Essay, & Video Winners

"Why We Ride 2012" Winners and Honorable Mention

posted May 31, 2012, 5:53 PM by Greene Wayes   [ updated Dec 20, 2013, 3:49 PM ]

The winner of the essay portion of the contest is Ty G. Love of Santa Cruz High with his piece "To Color This World Brighter."

“To Color This World Brighter”

Essay by Ty G. Love

Age 16

11th Grade

Santa Cruz High School

We ride because no one else did. We ride because they didn’t think too. Because so busy were they building, expanding, destroying…that they didn’t know. But now we know. Now we see with our eyes ice caps melt and forests disappear. Now we ride. We don’t ride because we have to, we ride because if we don’t, who will?

We ride to save, to protect. We ride for our children, and our children’s children. We ride because we know that the grass is green but it could be greener, that the sky is clear but it could be cleaner, that this world has so much for us to color brighter. That is why we ride. Not to wag our fingers at those who don’t, not to place blame on those who didn’t, but to make a new generation of those who do. We ride, skate, walk, run, so that when we’re old and nearly done we can take our final breaths and taste it crystal clear, and know that this, this magnificent world, this striking planet we call home, that this place is safe again.

We ride because we have seen the future, the choking gases that seek to destroy us, the polluted water that seeks to poison us, and we have stood strong and said no. We ride to stand up for the environment, but also for our species, for all species. We ride so we can watch our children run beneath crisp skies and swim in oceans gleaming blue. This place is not interchangeable, not exchangeable, this world is not replaceable. We have but one of these, a once in a life time opportunity with it. We will not squander this place; we will not whittle our time away with cars that spit toxic fumes that carve away at our atmosphere. No, we will defend it; support it as it has supported us.

This is why we ride, to end a cycle and start again.

The other writer who our judges selected as Honorable Mention is:


Crystal Flores of Star Community High School won the Art portion of the contest with her piece "Burn Fat and Not Gas."

Our judges selected the following artists and their submissions as Honorable Mention:
  • Juan Hernandez of Pajaro Valley High: "Loose Fat, Not Money."
  • Leilani Meehan of Shoreline Middle School: "Bike a Mile."
  • David Ayala of Pajaro Valley High: "Go Green, Go Low"

Juan, Leilani, and David's art, respectively. Click on the small pictures to see them full size.

Levi Sofen, a freshman at Santa Cruz High won the video component of our contest with his creative video "Teaching Green." Unfortunately, Levi's video is no longer on Youtube. If you would like to view it, please contact us.

Our judges selected the following two contestants for Video Honorable Mention:

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