Bike to the Future Art, Writing, & Video Contest



Do you love to ride your bike, walk or skate?

Are you a skilled artist, videographer or photographer?

A master of prose or poetry?

Do your YouTube posts get massive #s of hits?

Want to take home $100 cash?

Check it out:

We believe that bikes are key to a better future. Help us spread the word about bicycles, and other modes of transportation, that are good for people and the planet! Get published. Win money and fame.  


You decide: How will you promote Biking to the Future? Here are some ideas:

- Share what you love about bikes and other kinds of human-powered transportation: What are the most compelling reasons to bike, skate or walk to school or around town? What reasons matter to local youth? Do you and your friends care about saving money? Having the freedom to explore and travel where and when you want? Protecting the environment and slowing global warming? Getting outside and enjoying nature? Pushing yourself to the limits? Getting healthy or staying in shape? Style and fashion? See examples from past years here and here for some ideas.

- Envision a car-free world: Or, a world where way more people walk and roll. For example, in Copenhagen, Denmark, 50% of trips by residents of the city are by bicycle! This is pretty incredible when you compare that to the number of trips by bicycle in what many consider to be the capital of biking in the US: Portland OR, where 6% of trips are by bicycle. Check out some other examples of bike-friendly places around the world for ideas:

- Imagine what Santa Cruz County will be like when one of the bike-related projects currently on the table is completed. For example, how would having a continuous 32 mile long Rail with Trail path from Davenport to Watsonville impact your life? Picture being able to ride your bike from Santa Cruz to Watsonville without dealing with any traffic! Or, how would the completion of the Watsonville Trails and Bicycle Plan influence how you get around? What about the proposed Mount Hermon Mountain Bike Park? How will people’s lives change and be improved? How could you convey these changes with art, video or writing?


Winning entries will receive a cash prize of $100 and be published in the People Power newsletter and in the Green Ways to School website and zine. Winning art will be printed on Green Ways to School’s posters. Videos will be promoted through our partners, and will air on SC Community Television. FYI: There may be opportunities for Runners Up and other submissions to be published as well.


  • Open to youth of Santa Cruz County, ages 11-19.

  • Number of entries per a participant is limited to three.

  • Submissions must be received by no later than 11 p.m. Friday, MAY 24TH, 2013.

  • Email Video entries as a YouTube link, Art entries as PDF/jpg, and Essay entries as Word file (.doc or .docx)/PDF to or mail originals or high quality reproductions to:

    • Green Ways Contest ℅ The Hub for Sustainable Living. 703 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

    • If you would like your originals returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope of adequate size and with proper postage.

  • Important: entries must be accompanied by a consent form (see link below) and a cover sheet including: Artist/Author’s Name, Parent/guardian Name,Title and short description of Art/Essay/Video, Age, Grade, School, Home Address, Phone &/or Email.

Video Criteria:

  • Video entries are to be uploaded on YouTube, and the link is to be included on the cover sheet with your information.

  • Should be 3-4 minutes long.

Art Criteria:

  • Original can be any size, in any style or medium. Submission can be up to 11”  x 17”, portrait or landscape orientation.

  • Designs may include your own text or the words "Bike to the Future," “Why We Ride” or “Green Ways to School.”

  • Must be artist’s own original artwork.

Essay Criteria:

  • Can be up to 500 words in any style or form.

  • Must be author’s original work.


Entries will be judged by the a panel of local youth and adult artists, writers and activists. Winners will be announced by the end of May, 2013. Check out last year's finalists.

This contest is a project of Green Ways to School, a local program promoting active transportation to the youth of Santa Cruz County via student leadership opportunities, bike rides and classroom presentations. For questions, or to schedule a classroom presentation, please call or email: (831) 425-0667 or

** Before submitting your application, please download the "Consent Form" file below, read the agreements, and include both you and your parent/guardian's signature. **